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50th Birthday Celebration

Terinex Bedford celebrated its 50th anniversary with a buffet lunch celebrating the many different nationalities who have worked at the site over the years. All members of staff brought food made from recipes from their country of origin – which were really exceptional.


Our Group MD – Paul Wightman reminded all that attended of the history of Terinex

PET  invented in England in 1940s

ICI – 1954   launched new plastic material PET under 2 brand names

  • Terylene (Fibres)
  • Melinex (Films)

Bryan Ruskin – Worked at ICI and saw the opportunity to use the material because of its high melting point for wrapping food when roasting.

He founded Terinex 1966 in St Albans – the name came from amalgamation of the two brands Terylene + Melinex

LOOK brand launched with first product, still made today, foil edge roll (Roasting Wrap)

Co. was acquired by Reckitt & Coleman  – Founded in 1814 making mustard. To this day Reckitts remain our oldest customer – reason for our LOOK sales in Canada

1971 – Relocated to Caxton Road, Bedford

Co. was acquired in 70s by Elliot Langford  – he spoke 6 languages and in particular was very well connected in Scandinavia. He built the LOOK brand through TV Ads. Finland is still our biggest export market with £1/2m sales

1975 The Co diversified into catering disposables – Cling Film and Foil and then acquired Bakewell Baking parchment brand from Wiggins Teape (founded in 1761 as a Paper Co). Bakewell had been sold for years to the former colonies of British Empire and to this day our biggest export market for Bakewell remains New Zealand (to Brand lines / DKSH)

Acquired Atlas Lace Paper Co – Doyleys were added to the sales offer

1982 – Relocated to current factory at Hammond Road

1990 – Awarded BS EN ISO9001

1997  –  Rob Campbell acquired the business and in 2004 diversified into facial tissue production

2007 – Awarded BRC Consumer product Accreditation

2007  – Acquired by OGM (Holdings) Ltd – a phase of significant growth up to 2012 with the introduction of Shake and Bake and So Juicy spice mix and bag products by Nestle and Unilever. These products changed the market for oven bags from niche products to mainstream and this brought in new competitors in low cost countries. Last 3 years has seen reduced sales, reduced profits and changes in the business.