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Terinex pioneered oven bags and roasting film in the 1960’s when we launched our first LOOK branded product – roasting film. Terinex continued to innovate and the range was quickly extended to oven bags and foil-edged roasting wrap. Today Terinex are recognised as being the leading manufacturer and authority on all types of polyester oven bags and supply many of the world’s leading supermarkets, caterers, bakeries, airlines and food processors.

Why use oven bags?

Look oven bags are the ideal, clean and modern way to cook food in the oven. Look oven bags are manufactured from TSP02, a polyester based film developed specifically for modern cooking applications. The food self bastes as the juices circulate in the bag locking in flavour and keeping the food succulent. Oven bags can be safely used in the oven up to 200oC and are available in a range of sizes, perfect for everything from chicken breasts to large roasting joints.

  • Healthy cooking – no added oil or fat required

  • Oven stays clean – juices stay in the bag

  • Keeps food succulent – moisture is retained in the bag locking in flavour

  • Energy saving – reduces cooking times by up to 10%

  • Bag stays clear – easy to see cooking progress

  • Safe for use in oven, microwave and freezer

  • Suitable for poultry, meat, fish and vegetables