Microperforated / Punched Hole Bags

Allow moisture to escape whilst heating / cooking

Microperf and punched hole oven bags are manufactured from TSP02, a polyester based film developed specifically for modern cooking applications. The holes in the bag allow for better all over cooking – especially of bakery products.

This makes them ideal for use by bakeries or for in-flight use to bake perfect bread rolls. Tests have shown improved, crustier rolls as moisture is allowed to escape more evenly through the holes.

These bags can be used down to -30oC, therefore they may be used in the freezer or for refrigerator storage. Microperforated bags can also be used in the oven to finish part baked bakery products or to re-heat up to 200oC. They are also suitable for use in the microwave.

Microperforated bags are available in single or double-sided microperforated and can be printed with logos and text.

Punched hole bags are available in double sided holes. The number of holes can be configured to ensure optimal cooking.

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Standard Sizes

Bag Opening


25cm 38cm
25cm 43cm
25cm 55cm