LOOK Oven Bags for Roasting

Basted by the bag

Oven bags seal in flavour and goodness as you cook virtually any food in a conventional or microwave oven. They are available in a variety of sizes

Oven bags produce moist, full-flavoured meat, fresh, tasty vegetables and even scrumptious bread. With the further benefits of reduced mess, locking in flavour and saving on energy, as cooking times are reduced by up to 10%.

Oven bags can be used in the oven, microwave — or freezer and ensure healthier cooking with no added oil or fat being required. Meat cooked in an oven bag self-bastes and stays succulent. LOOK Oven Roasting Bags are also available as Private Label, contact us now for more details.

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  • Suitable for meat, fish & vegetables
  • Healthier, tastier, cleaner, quicker
  • Oven stays clean
  • Keeps food succulent
Data sheet

Oven Bag Size Guide


Bag Size


Regular 25 x 38 For chicken, meat portions and vegetables etc.
Fish 25 x 55 For Fish and fish fillets
Large 35 x 43 For larger chickens and meat portions etc.
Giant 45 x 55 For turkey, large hams or legs of lamb etc.
Jumbo 60 x 55 For larger turkeys and hams etc.
Folded Single Bags 25 x 38 For seasonings, poiltry and meat