Bakewell Baking Parchment

Siliconised baking parchment

Bakewell is the brand name synonymous with quality baking parchment and is siliconised on both sides for baking and freezing without sticking.

Even the stickiest fruit cake mix and the gooiest pavlova will slip off siliconised Bakewell baking parchment with ease. Both sides are coated with a smooth silicone surface, so there is no need to
grease the tin or the paper.

Bakewell baking parchment is great for everything from lining soufflé dishes to baking cakes and cooking fish “en papilotte”.

Bakewell is available in either 50m or 75m lengths in catering size cutterboxes or in shorter retail packs.

Private Label Baking Parchment

Terinex Siliconised Baking Parchment can be produced for private label brands. Contact us now for more details and volume requirements.

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  • Siliconised both sides
  • Available in robust cutterboxes
  • Available as rolls for Edge dispensing system
  • Consistent quality
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