Range of Films

OPP – Polypropylene/ Coated OPP

This film, available in thicknesses from 15 micron up to 50 micron, is a low cost, highly versatile, general purpose packaging film which is mostly commonly used in horizontal flow wrappers for packaging confectionary, biscuits, snacks , cakes etc .

OPP film is available

  • as plain film,
  • centre folded
  • and printed.

It is also available

  • as an opaque film providing a white appearance
  • with a PVdC coating which increases the barrier property of the film against oxygen and water vapour . Coated OPP can be a cost effective alternative to laminate films dependent upon the application
  • with an anti-mist additive
  • in low heatsealable form (HND) enabling high speed HFFS packaging capability, whilst retaining hot tack and seal integrity


Polyester packaging film can withstand extremes of temperatures from -20c up to 220c which means it’s ideal for products such as pastries and pies which can be flow wrapped, frozen and then reheated in a conventional oven or microwave

It can be supplied with micro perforations to allow steam to escape

It is also ideal for lidding film applications for the likes of ready meals as it is easily weld sealed to PET trays



The advantages of LDPE as a packaging material are: low cost, ease of processing, clarity, flexibility, ease of sealing, and its properties as a barrier to moisture

Food packaging applications include meat and poultry wrapping, dairy products, snacks and sweets, frozen food bags and baked goods. It is used where high clarity films are required such as produce bags and bakery film.

Cellulose Film

Cellulose film comes from wood pulp and whilst more expensive than other packaging films offers a number of unique characteristics

  • it is made from renewable resources and in most cases is 100% biodegradable, meaning it is exceptionally environmentally friendly.
  • Whilst having a high natural gas barrier It has a high level of moisture permeability which allows moisture to migrate from the product through the film over a period of time helping to  maximise shelf life. It is therefore ideal for food products with high moisture content, e.g. doughnuts, fruit pies, hot meat pies, that are prone to mould and bacterial growth.
  • it is heat resistant and certain cellulose film grades can be used to pack food products that are re-heated, e.g. pies and pasties
  • it has excellent dead fold / twist retention characteristics, like paper, giving a neat pack whether packing by hand or machine.
  • It is less prone to static which greatly assist machinability