Case study – Q-Tex film – Heinz beanz toastie


Terinex was contacted by Kraft as they needed an ovenable packaging solution that would enable them to develop their classic beans on toast meal into an on the go application for use on airlines, the travel industry and food services. This was to be their first launch of a product into the airline industry, so it was important they got it right.


Terinex conducted a consultation and audit with Kraft to analyse their current strategy and propose the future options to meet their criteria. Q-Tex film was proposed to Kraft as a product that would be suitable in meeting their needs. Q-Tex film, which is a heat sealable PET mono layer HD printed food grade ovenable film, suitable for oven use was the perfect product to use. It was also very important to Kraft that the product was pira certified due to the nature of the application. Terinex made sure this certification was attained which assured full safety during the use of the product. The nature of Q-Tex film also enabled Kraft to be able to print the Heinz logo and imagery on the packaging whilst still being able to be used in ovens. Sample trials were carried out which met the customers approval, which led to a supply and logistics proposal that made sure orders were delivered on time and in full.


A successful partnership delivered Kraft with the product they needed and a positive launch into the airline industry, developed and manufactured by Terinex Solutions. Q-Tex film made it to finalist position in the packaging awards for ‘flexible pack of the year’ and Terinex are looking forward to the future developments ahead for this product.

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