Our products

Ovenable solutions

The very first products Terinex manufactured were PET ovenable film, this ovenable solutions side has now grown vastly with different machines and capabilities that can assist with a wide variety of ovenable solution needs.

Ovenable solutions

Ovenable solutions that Terinex supply include a wide range of sizes and specs of PET oven bags. For more information contact: sales@terinex.co.uk

Food packaging

Since 2016 Terinex have been combining in-house capabilities with market leading innovative packaging partners.

Food packaging

Terinex have worked with a wide variety of international food brands to supply food packaging solutions. For more information contact: sales@terinex.co.uk

Catering consumables

For over 50 years Terinex have been converting and supplying a range of catering consumables globally through food and non food distributors and wholesalers.

Catering Consumables

Terinex manufacture and supply a wide range of catering consumables which include: foil, cling film, baking paper, doyleys, piping bags and dispensers. For more information contact: sales@bakewellproducts.com

Facial tissues

Since 2004 Terinex have been converting facial tissue and selling to distributors globally.

Facial tissue

Terinex convert and distribute facial tissue in a wide variety of pack sizes. For more information contact: sales@terinex.co.uk