Our innovations

Q-Tex Film

Heat sealable PET mono layer HD printed food grade ovenable film and a finalist in the UK packaging awards 2018.

-More environmentally friendly than the alternative laminate applications.

-Pira certified.

-Suitable for freezer, microwave and oven.

-Perfect for food-to-go, prepared and processed food.

-Highly versatile food packaging has the capabilities to serve a number of food processing and packaging requirements stretching across a wide variety of different food industries.


Tactile lacquered paperfeel HD printed flow-wrap and form-fill film. Delivering an enhanced consumer experience without loss of film performance. This tactile lacquered treatment can be put on a number of different materials, food packaging etc..

Oven bags

In 1966 Terinex started making the first PET oven bags. Since then this product has developed with the introduction of the FSB,  micro-perforation, heat seal, printing and wicketing.